About Company

Entit Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd. has partnered with Indian Government and Private Organizations for Since 2011, delivering IT services, consulting, and business solutions. Our core belief lies in the power of innovation and shared knowledge, shaping a purpose-driven future

Established in central India, we leverage a rich talent pool and easy access to domestic and global markets. Entit holds ISO 9001, 20000, 27001, and CMMIl3 certifications

Our customer call is "Innovate with us," aligning with our vision to revolutionize enterprises through thought leadership and innovative solutions.

Entit's approach revolves around three pillars:

  • Enable: Providing Training Services including End User Training, Train the Trainers, Business enablement, and more
  • Enhance: Offering Application Services, Product Engineering, Software development, IT Consulting, and Infrastructure Services
  • Engage: Directly contributing to our clients' customer reach through Customer Service Solutions via BPO services

Our primary business focus and core competency is to provide customers with Endto-End Solutions in the area of emerging technologies, designed on the world class platforms, thereby empowering enterprises technologically for the new millennium

Vision & Mission


Championing innovation in digital platforms for both government and private sector clients is our unwavering commitment. As a leading IT enterprise, we strive to deliver comprehensive solutions that foster customer growth and empower governmental initiatives. Our vision is to spearhead transformative innovations, offering robust technological support for continual progress in both public and private spheres


Our core mission centers on empowering Central India's IT workforce with ample job opportunities. We aim to be a leading employer in government services and set industry benchmarks for private firms. Going beyond employment, we strive to cultivate an environment fostering growth, innovation, and excellence. Our goal is to elevate the region's IT landscape, inspiring organizational excellence in various sectors

How We Work

We start by understanding the client's needs, crafting tailored solutions to address their challenges. Collaborating regularly with clients, we enhance our services. Strategically planning and assigning qualified personnel, we meticulously review each solution. Our commitment to quality checks ensures satisfied customers and successful deliveries

  • We prioritize client relationships, using visits, calls, and collaborative sessions to introduce innovative products. Direct interactions help us understand needs, offering tailored solutions through proactive communication for unparalleled value in the IT sector

  • We deeply understand client requirements, collaborating closely before strategizing task management and devising comprehensive plans for implementation

  • Our implementation team offers continuous client support, followed by our operations and maintenance strategy, supported by the customer retention department